A SitePro Article I Couldn’t Read

Not sure if this says something about me…

I read the SitePro newsletter every day. There are some great articles for any SEO or webmaster.

Today’s article was titled “How Digg Got Me On ESPN and Fox News”. I thought that was an interesting topic and I wanted to know a bit more so I read on. It was in the 4th paragraph that we learn that the writer is Mark Cuban’s brother

I actually thought my brother Mark Cuban coined the phrase

Of course a Digg post got you on Fox News and ESPN. YOU ARE MARK CUBAN’S BROTHER! Would “Mark Cuban’s Brother” have been moved up at Digg if it weren’t for his name? Make no mistake here, he makes it abundantly clear that he is Mark Cuban’s brother. In fact, that is the only name I caught. Not sure what his first name is, but there was enough mention of being Mark Cuban’s Brother at his own Blog/Site that you really don’t need to know his first name.

Not that Mark Cuban’s brother isn’t accomplished. He is an attorney (for his brother’s company) and, for all we know, he is the brains behind the Cuban operation.

Perhaps it was Mark Cuban’s brother that suggested mark hedge his Yahoo stock after the purchase of Broadcast.com… or … perhaps it was he who suggested Mark create his own reality show (I really wanted it to be good. It just wasn’t).

Perhaps it was Mark Cuban’s brother that suggested he buy the Dallas Mavericks… or … Perhaps it was he who suggested Mark go on dancing with the stars.

Can we learn anything here?

In my opinion, spotlight seekers will always find the spotlight in some way. Julia Allison anyone? If you can work that bit of spotlight to help your business interests, bonus. Otherwise it is just a “look at me” move.

Felt like spewing a bit this morning. After all, it didn’t have to spend the past 10 minutes reading my daily SitePro newsletter.

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