DirectoryM Pitching Backlinks and SEO Value

Is the value of a backlink going to diminish at some point? Paid links are frowned upon by Google (just read for more) and yet we have major companies pitching the value in selling you a back link.

DirectoryM is one such company. I received an e-mail a short time ago that pitched a backlink and the SEO value that it would provide your site. Link Selling.

Contextual Backlinks
Single Region: $9.95 per month
All Regions: $147.75 per month

These premium links are designed for maximum SEO benefit through:

* Contextual Focus
* Regional Orientation
* Trusted Branded Directory Origination
* Flexible 30-character display… Match the display link text to the key word/phrase of your choosing
* Direct link… Link directly to any page on your website

Will this hurt DirectoryM? How about Businessweek or BizJournals. This is a clever way for the companies who use the DirectoryM listings ( and to name a couple) to insulate themselves from link sales. At least that is what you might think. At the end of the day, a web site is responsible for their own site.

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