Google Video with Matt Cutts

It is nice to revisit Google from time to time to look at some of the things in the lab and to view some of the API’s that are available.

Google offers this really simple video search control wizard that provides you some nice cut and paste code that you can include on your site. If you want to get fancy with it, you could dynamically pass keywords from your blog post and provide a little added widget for the visitor. With the wizard, you can pass your own keyword list and output a list of videos that match your list. I wanted to keep the list on a topic that people in the SEO world would like. What better person to view than Matt Cutts.


Matt did a series of videos that are incredibly informative. You will find those videos in the results along with some interviews from conferences where Matt was an attendee and/or speaker. Whenever someone starts learning a little bit about coding a web page, they begin to get dangerous and usually do much more harm to their site than good. For any wanna’ be webmaster, I would encourage you to spend a couple of hours viewing Matt’s videos. In then end you will be able to better optimize your site for search.

Hope that Matt doesn’t mind being included.

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