Logo Design for the Design Challenged

As a webmaster I find myself in search of a logo for many new projects (obviously not this site). I consider myself a technical person who doesn’t have a great sense of design. I can look at a logo, or a site, and I generally know when something doesn’t look right, or doesn’t look as professional as it should. A designer, on the other hand, can look at that same logo or site and start off with comments regarding the amount of white space here, the gradient there, etc.

If you are like me, you should like this site. I have no affiliation whatsoever, I just think that they provide a terrific service at a very reasonable price ($125-$150). The site is www.designoutpost.com. The design process happens in a forum after you post your project. It is very different than the traditional design process where you are working one on one with a graphic designer. There are a group of designers who are trying to earn the project. Again, unlike other design services, the project isn’t earned until the work is virtually complete.

Read through some of the threads and you will see that the designers take in the feedback and usually come back with sommething good. Since there is more than one designer, you will see a slightly different take on the feedback which results in a better design. I have even seen projects where the client asks everyone to start fresh after a week of revisions. Not bad for <$200.

I have used eLance.com and a couple of independent designers in the past but in those cases it is someone like me, looking at proofs and trying to tell the designer what to do when I am not really sure why things don’t look right. The design outpost site has everything in public view.

Take a look through some of the current and completed projects to get a sense of the level of work. For those Jason Calacanis follwers (or haters), you can view one of his projects (luxist.com)

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