Skype Mobile Phone

Skype mobileThe next 12 months will be incredibly interesting in the phone market. It seems like there are a number of folks who will be entering the space. Two of the biggest names are Google (GOOG) and Skype (owned by Ebay). The entries are not confirmed, but ask a cell phone tech company, in the valley, if they are working on anything for a Google phone and you will probably see some tight lips, or hear “no comment”. Of course a couple of beers later during an “off the record” conversation should reveal much more.

Techcrunch has a nice write up about the Skype plans.

Is this a case of the ‘grass is greener’? My bet is that this is a case where many people are starting to see the capability that will come with something like WiMax. With the money behind it (Intel), this will be a reality.

It appears that the Skpe phone is gearing toward functions like no cost PTT (push to talk) to other Skype users. Logical.

In any case, I have to believe that this will be good for the end user. Better hardware and more competition. What to choose… iPhone, gPhone, ePhone?

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