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There was a site that came up today at and Digg. It was a collection of 40+ sites offering free web site templates or skins. If you are like me (a bit right brain challenged) you will appreciate this nice list of sites. There is even a nice section including wordpress themes.

I could just reprint here, but I decided to do something a little different. I have wanted to try something out in Google Co-op for a while and this was the perfect candidate. Google Co-op allows you to create a custom search engine and even use it on your site. I am not going to integrate it into the site, but this will allow you to search the complete list of free template web sites using Google.

Search this custom engine for a free web site template:

I plan on using this myself since I often find myself looking for a template in a particular niche (real estate, furniture). Going through all of these sites would be a bit tedious and this custom search engine using Google Co-op is the right answer. Not perfect, but nice. I haven’t looked into it, but an image search using co-op would probably be more suitable.

BTW does anyone else find it funny when a “design company” uses one of these canned templates to pitch their “design” services. In any event, I hope this is usefull for someone. I know that I will use it to find web site templates that will help generate some new ideas.

Read more to get the full list of free template sites.

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