Can Google Hear Me?

Can Google Hear Me? My Date with Drew?

Aaron Stanton is getting a bit of press for trying to get in front of Google – “Can Google Hear Me?“. I just had to chime in about the original idea. He clearly saw the documentary called “My Date with Drew“. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with taking something that has already been done and applying it in a new way. “My Date with Drew” was done so well, you couldn’t help but love it. It is about a guy who tries to get a date with Drew Berrymore withing 30 days and with $1,000 to spend. It is really well made and the editing style matches up with what Aaron Stanton is going for.

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery and the style of the video, along with the overall concept, matches up very closely with a funny and successful project. Good luck Aaron.

If you haven’t seen “My Date with Drew”, it is worth it. It is the perfect date movie.

One thought on “Can Google Hear Me?”

  1. Well, I know that Aaron really does read his e-mail. I dropped him a note last night to wish him well and congratulate him on his project. He replied within the hour.

    Yes!! I just glanced at this e-mail as it came in, and I’m so glad I
    did. You’re the first person that has correctly pegged the influence as
    being My Date With Drew. That was the one that inspired me, and I went
    out and bought a copy of the DVD for inspiration before I put together
    the first video at the start of the month.

    I wish I had a way of letting Brain (guy in My Date) know that this
    started in part with him (not the idea, obviously… but the decision to
    I fired an e-mail off to their site a few days ago mentioning this, but
    I have no idea if they saw it.

    Anyway, I’m so glad that someone picked up on that. Great show.
    Everyone should watch it. I honestly believe that.



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