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Dual head 2 go - Matrox Graphics As a webmaster, or web marketer, you probably wear a lot of hats. Any bit of productivity that squeeze out of your day means a lot and really adds up at the end of the day,month, and year. If you haven’t ever used a dual monitor setup (or multiple monitor setup), you don’t know what you are missing. It isn’t just the “cool factor”, or being able to show your friends your geekness, it is a legitimate productivity boost. For those of you working for others, it might be a hard one to prove to your boss, but worth the effort.

Look, even Danny Sullivan has a multiple monitor setup.

Danny Sullivan’s multiple monitor setup

With the price of LCD’s crashing to the ground, there is not much of a reason not to head this way. Even if you are a laptop user, your system probably has multiple monitor support. You can purchase a 19″ LCD for under $200 from a number of retailers. I like to shop at TigerDirect.com since they ship quickly and the items reach me within 2 days, even with standard shipping. Some of the best deals on the name brand LCD’s can be found in your Sunday paper. Check the flyers for the office supply stores (Officemax, Staples, Office Depot) and Compusa.

There is also some multiple monitor software that will allow you to use an old laptop as your secondary monitor. The software is from Maxvista and doubles as a KVM switch. This even works over a wireless network. The software has different versions that range from $29 to $69. There is a free trial, so you can determine if it is right for you.

If your system doesn’t have support built in for a multiple monitor setup, oh well, you can’t participate in the fun. Just kidding. . You can purchase an external support device from Matrox. This might be the best solution for laptop users. This is also availabe for Max users. It is the Matrox Dual Head 2 Go.

Bill Gates working the multimon

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