Google Radio Ads – Buffalo Station List

I have wanted to work with the Google radio ads and was happy to see the detailed station list in my account. The price is right for the advertising, but I wanted to be sure it was reaching an audience.

As it turns out, the station lineup is pathetic!

If you select the Buffalo market, here are the stations where your ads will play.

Adult Contemporary (2)
WMXO 101.5 FM
WWSE 93.3 FM
Country (1)
WHUG 101.9 FM
News (1)
WJTN 1240 AM
Oldies (1)
WKSN 1340 AM

I challenge you to tune one of these stations in when in the Buffalo NY area. I don’t have the best reception in my office, but none of the 5 stations would come in for me.

Even at an incredibly low rate, this might not be worthwhile. I hope that Google is hard at work buying up the excess inventory from other “mainstream” radio stations in town.

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