Google Rumor

There are a number of sites chattering about Google buying up ad spots from the satellite TV companies and reselling the ad space.

In an effort to extend its growing advertising empire to television, Google has already started a pilot project in Concord, Calif. to deliver ads to cable television subscribers, it was revealed in yesterday’s WSJ. (source:

As an online advertiser, what are your thoughts? Good idea? Bad idea? My feeling… If the concept makes sense for our company and our clients, anything is worth testing.

Who will be using the service?
Do TV ads work for the “I need it to work now” crowd?


Is a whole new era upon us where there will be more measurement, tracking, and accountability with respect to TV ads? Perhaps. My guess is that is what Google is after. Traditional networks probably don’t want this to happen and don’t need this to happen. They can sell their space now by using the current ratings metrics.

How many people feel that ad rates on TV are too high?  Am I going to start seeing ads for Meso and PI Lawyers?

When will Google start start distributing advertising in my local movie theatre?  Don’t laugh, I mean it.

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