Kelly Services Inc responding to MSN Email?

I understand when a large companies outsource certain operations, but I usually expect that they are masking the fact that they are doing so. Microsoft is one company in particular that outsources a lot. Heck, outsourcing beats skimping on pay and benefits for part-time employees (permatemps).

I had a question for MSN advertising. We are working a site that sells cigars and accessories. An initial submission of ads in Adcenter were rejected for:

  • Tobacco-related content – Content guidelines
  • Website contains forbidden content – Content guidelines

This is really 2 topics here.

1) Staffing with Kelly Services Inc and not veiling it
2) Adcenter potentially changing their tune on tobacco ads (this is for a different post)

Check out the screen shot of the e-mail.

Kelly Services Inc responding to MSN Email?

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