, not a bad White Pages service

I don’t often do a white pages search. When I do, it feels like I don’t come up with anything more than the typical, we couldn’t find anything, but go to our partner site for this low fee, we will get all the information you need. is in the news due to the whole Mark Cuban insider trading charge.

This could actually be a positive for I haven’t visited the site in over a year. I was surprised by the news and thought I would pop by the site. As it turns out, I had a need to look up a phone number. What do you know, their white pages search worked well, and didn’t obscure the result with a pitch for a background check service, criminal record search, ancestry search, etc. Their function is actually a co-brand with, but that is OK. It was skinned well, and didn’t make me take notice. I will use again.

I would bet they are having their best week in quite some time. Mamma (Copernic), send a bottle of bubbly to Mr. Cuban!

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