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This is a simple collection of sites that a webmaster or web site marketer might find useful. Some of the links on the page are affiliate links (you click, I get paid) and others are there because of the value that they provide.

I don’t intend for this section to be a large marketplace, but that could change. There isn’t a product on this page that I don’t use in some form or another.

Merchant Accounts / Credit Card Processing

  • Credit Card Processing with Just about any business processing credit card transactions will need a merchant account to accept payments. This is the case if you are accepting payments on your site, or if you handle your transactions offline.
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888 Number

  • Kall8: Inexpensive 800, 866, 877, and 888 numbers for your business. Fees are as low as $2 per month and varies based on the phone number you select (800 is more expensive than 888). They also offer vanity numbers and local phone numbers to represent an additional location (local) yet ring to your main office.
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  • Google Adwords: Google is the undisputed king in the online ad space. With one buy you can reach more than 50% of the online search audience.

Telephone Service

  • Phone with SkypeOut: Skype is traditionally known as a PC to PC communication solution. Many people use it in ways similar to IM products like AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) or Yahoo IM. Skype also has a VOIP phone solution. It is a surprise to many people that this is something offered by Skype. You can use Skype as an inexpensive office phone solution. At this point, I wouldn’t recommend that anyone go 100% VOIP, but the quality is getting better and better. Keep in mind, with any VOIP, the quality of your broadband connection will determine the quality of your phone call. At present, you can get SkypeOut phoneservice for under $30 a year! That is right, $30 per year. Give Skype a try.
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Forming a Corporation

  • If your business structure is a DBA, or you are simply acting as an individual, you might want to consider forming a corporation. If you are having any level of succes, you are probably accumulating some assests. It is in your best interest, and your families best interest, to protect what you have. A corporate structure makes sense even if you aren’t a large venture. There are added issues such as the cost to maintain the corporation and the cost to file an additional tax return, but in the event of a lawsuit, that will seem like small change.
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Office Space / Virtual Office Service

  • Buffalo Office Space: If you are looking for office space in the Buffalo, or WNY area, please give me a call. If I don’t have any office suites available, I will be able to refer you to a couple of friends with space. I try to keep on top of the market in town and should be able to assist. If you are searching for a business address in NY, check out our virtual office┬ásolution.
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Zip Code Database

  • My online marketing efforts for the past 6 years centered around geo-targeted search terms. If you are in a similar market, you will understand the need for a good zip code database or City name database. We have used a few companies for zip code data in the past. Of course, you can get the data for free through the US Postal Service, but there are some hoops to jump through. Here are a couple of services that I have used.
    • JCSM: This zip code database has a lot of nice features and change history. It is updated monthly and the site/company is easy to work with. If you require area code and change history data, you should contact Bud Jay.
    • Take your data and run. Most of the fields that you need are included in this zip-code database. You can’t beat it for the price. They also offer maps and Canadian data.
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Design and Hosting for Non-Profit’s

Free Non-Profit Web site hosting and Web Design
Take a look at the non-profit project. If you are a charity and/or non-profit organization, The Non Profit Project can offer you free web site design and web site hosting. Take a look.

Low Cost Hosting for Multiple Sites with push button install of most top plug-ins, blogging platforms, and e-commerce solutions:

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