Open Your Eyes .. Shoemoney

Open your eyes, thanks to Shoemoney.

Shoemoney put together a nice feed from a number of webmaster marketplace forums. As of this writing he has included SitePoint, Digitalpoint, Webmaster-talk, and DNforums. Most of what you will find for sale are domains and sites, but you will find some added stuff from time to time (scripts and such). I love viewing this stuff to get a handle on where values are falling, but even more than that, it can help to clue you in on what is happening now.

Viewing the marketplace feed will help you open your eyes to what is working now. You will find some designers who crank out site after site in whatever niche is working now, get some revenue and traffic (or not), and post it for a quick sale. For example, I have never worked in a corporate environment and didn’t realize how well some of these proxy sites do. Whenever I heard proxy, I assumed that click fraud was part of the discussion. Call me naiive, but I really didn’t realize that employers were blocking so many of the social networking sites. A proxy allows you through the wall. Ok, so you knew that, I didn’t.

Some of the sites that come up for sale offer tools, scripts, and/or databases that I have overpaid for in the past. Open your eyes. The webmaster marketplace is a quick read, it is fun viewing, it will keep you tuned in to what is happening now and

To top it off, the pricing is kept in check. We have all seen the silly numbers tossed around at some of the domain sale sites, or on Ebay. The people participating in these forums seem to have a good idea what their stuff is worth. The listiungs that are out of line are brought back to reality by the members pretty quickly.

Props to Shoemoney.  Way to go Shoe, you are starting to get pub like the Gossip Gangsta’

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