Roundabout Searching

When you are researching a product or service to integrate into a web site, it is often difficult (and time consuming) to find out about how solid a product or service might be.  You can search for “product name here” reviews or “product name  here” feedback, but you can’t be sure that you are finding an unbiased voice.  The web allows a 12 year old programmer to appear as substantial as a 50 person company that has been around for 20 years.

Instead of doing the ‘reviews’ search, try something different.  You can locate leading resources and solutions in roundabout ways.

For example: When trying to figure out what shopping cart solutions are solid and will likely be around for a while, search for payment integration guides.  The Paypal integration guide will provide a list of shopping cart providers that are probably fairly solid.

Think a little outside of the box when looking for reviews.

Keywords to remember

  • integration
  • installation
  • guide
  • fact sheet
  • manual

Searching this way can lead you down interesting paths.

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