Skype Hacks

If you have been a skype user for any period of time, you might be a little set in your ways. Personally, I use skype as a chat client and recently added a Skype in number as a secondary office phone. There are some great handsets so that you don’t have to use a headset and be tethered to your computer.

There are many things that Skype can do that you might not be aware of. The people over at have compiled a list of 25 great Skype hacks. Before you start, you should download the latest version of Skype. My favorites from the list are:

  1. Call forwarding: Call forwarding with Skype is a nice feature, but beware if you are forwarding to another VOIP service such as Vonage.
  2. Skype as a home security system: Skype can double as an away from home monitoring system. You need to have a camera connected (obviously) to Skype. You are essentially using the video calling feature. The only catch is that you need a second skype account to call the first. In fact, many families already have multiple accounts. You must set your home account to auto-answer any calls and automatically fire up the camera.
  3. Providing Customer Support: I am using this feature on the contact page This works a little bit like live help would. The big caveat is that your visitor must also be a Skype user. If anyone knows of a client that can be embedded, let me know. This is a nice feature, that I use to show when I am online. Even if you aren’t going to start a Skype chat with me, you know that a I am probably available to answer my phone.
  4. Recording Calls: Before you start using this feature, you had better check the laws in your state for an in state (intrastate) call. If your call is state to state (interstate), check the FCC rules regarding recording a phone call. Many states require that at least one party is aware that the call is being recorded.

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