Apple May Be on the Verge of Kneecapping the Cable Industry

I have a theory… the new apple tablet device that has been rumored for quite some time.  Will not only do everything that the iPod does, but will also do everything the Kindle does (but better) and everything the Nook does (but better) and everything that….

It feels like convergence is here.  I watched a football game on my iPhone while trying to get to sleep the other day.  I would have loved to have a device with 2x screen size.  I would love a tablet that allowed my eyes (quickly getting old) to read with a little less strain.

Apple is working with the content providers just as they did with the record labels pre-itunes. Once you have the content, the device makes sense.

Apple may be on the verge of gaining two key television network agreements, according to The Wall Street Journal. Specifically, CBS and Walt Disney DIS which runs ABC are said to be considering a proposal by Apple to offer a subscription-based TV service over the Internet.

How would you like a portable TV that allows you to time shift and watch your shows anytime anywhere?  The tablet could be many things and also a portable TV.  A good one.  A good one with top tier content, not the limited stuff you find on a Media Center PC.  I checked out the media center content 4 years after getting my first media center PC and it was pretty disappointing.  An apple tablet that worked with the Apple TV device much the way a Slingbox works with your devices is not a stretch.

Have you noticed the number of portable (over the air) TV’s that have come out across the past 6 months?   Coincidence?  Why is Comcast scrambling to offer your content in unique ways?

Kindle was able to get a flat fee, all you can eat wireless plan.  It it possible that Apple is going to be offering the same?  Will this need 4G?  If so, we are just about there.

A lot of questions.  I can’t wait until the answers start rolling in.

via Apple May Be on the Verge of Kneecapping the Cable Industry — Seeking Alpha.