Wolfram|Alpha a Big Change

If you haven’t been to Wolfram Alpha yet, you need to give it a try.  For all that Google is, Wolfram Alpha has a place on the web.  This “engine” is likely the biggest change we have seen since the rise of Wikipedia.  Wolfram Alpha will take hold in a way that Cuill.com wished it could have.  Remember Cuill??  Big PR, with an also ran product!  Wolfram Alpha should spread like wildfire with word of mouth like you are reading here.

Wolfram Alpha Information Engine
Wolfram Alpha Information Engine
WolframAlpha is interesting, and useful.  The tag line is Computational Knowledge engine.  It is essentially Yahoo Answers without having to wait for an answer.  Not every answer, but when you look to Yahoo answers, you will see that most of what is being asked can be answered by Wolfram Alpha.

Mix Answers with Google with WikiPedia with Google Sets and you have some sense of what Wolfram Alpha brings.

As an investor, I am often querying for stock prices at points in time.  WolframAlpha.com does that wonderfully.  Simply search GLW 2/1/2002 and you will see what I mean.

I anticipate this being a very popular site.  Perhaps not the next Google, but certainly a player in the “search” space.  We are often querying for specific information.  WolframAlpha brings that to us and offers up additional data sets to add flavor to what I am after.

Give me a Wolfram Alpha iPhone App and I will be a walking information station!