Time to buy Google

I started this post on 4/6/2008. I saved it as a draft and never completed it. I thought it was interesting that Google continues to make moves to enhance this argument.

This reminds me of when there was a war in the online auction space. Of course, there was Ebay. After Ebay there were a number of also rans. I actually liked the fractured environment since bargains were more abundant. The smaller auction sites weren’t just p2p exchanges, they actually sold the goods. Perhaps that was the big mistake. Perhaps they needed to do that so that there was some action in their market place….. UNFINISHED DRAFT

The chart of Google (GOOG) from 4/6/2008 through today.

google stock chart

Not a bad return.  From $479 to $571.

By the way, I have to mention that the Yahoo Finance Interactive Charts are really, really good.   This will keep me as a Yahoo Finance user.  Now if Yahoo could just find a good way to leverage (monetize) their huge base of Finance users.

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